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(Please be advice all Protein Items are Raw and need to be Cooked. All Items are Seasoned except for the Sliced Beef Brisket, Sirloin Steak, Pork Belly and Shrimp.

⭐️ Chow One Galbi, Tenderloin Pork Slices,Black Pepper Steak and Spicy Squid are not Available for Lunch)


B1. Chow One Steak (Bulgogi Sauce)

B2. Chow One Soy Steak

B3. Seasoned Steak (Sakura Wagyu Beef)

B4. Hawaiian Beef Belly (Pineapple Sauce)

B5. Sliced Beef Brisket

B6. Teriyaki Beef Belly

B7. Sirloin Steak

B8. Spicy Beef Bulgogi 

B9. Beef Bulgogi

B10. Galbi (Korean Short Ribs)

B11. Black Pepper Steak


C1. Garlic Chicken

C2. Spicy Chicken

C3. Curry Chicken

C4. Lemon Chicken

C5. Cajun Chicken

C6. Chicken Bulgogi

C7. Teriyaki Chicken 



P1. Garlic Pork Steak

P2. Pork Belly

P3. Wine Pork Belly

P4. Hawaiian Bacon (Pineapple Sauce) 

P5. Spicy Pork Spare Rib

P6. Tenderloin Pork Slices

P7. Spicy Pork Bulgogi


S1. Shrimp

S2. Spicy Squid

S3. Cajun Shrimp (Spicy)

S4. Cajun Mussels (Spicy)

S5. Cajun Seafood (Spicy)

S6. Hawaiian Octopus (Jalapeño & Pineappole Sauce)

S7. Korean Crab Meat


 Kitchen Appetizers (New)

A1. Korean Spring Rolls

A2. Korean Sweet & Spicy Chicken

A3. Korean Honey Wings

A4. Crispy Pork Belly

A5. Fish Tempura

A6. Korean Fried Shrimp

A7. Bulgogi French Fries

A8. Fried Dumplings

A9. Seafood Pancake

A10. Chicken Nuggets

A11. Mozzarella Sticks

Kitchen Sides

K1. Spicy Rice Cake

K2. Lettuce Wrap Leaf

K3. Vegetable Mix

K4. Chow One Salad

K5. Beef Soup

K6. Kimchi Soup (Spicy)

K7. Corn Cheese

K8. Egg Custard

K9. Chow One Ramen (Pork, Steak, & Shrimp)

K10. Korean Ramen (Spicy)

K11. Japchae Noodles

K12. White Rice

K13. Fried Rice


D1. Cherry Slushie

D2. Raspberry Slushie

D3. Vanilla Ice Cream

D4. Strawberry Ice Cream

D5. Chocolate Ice Cream

D6. Seasonal Fruits


Pick 3 different cakes flavor garnished with fruits and berries. Choose Your Own Combination. 

Cake: Flavors Carrot Cake, Chocolate Cake, New York Cheese Cake. (Garnished with fruits and berries)  20.00

Cake Slices : Flavors Carrot Cake, Chocolate Cake, New York Cheese Cake.  7.00 each

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